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STEMS & STONE OFFERS SPECIAL ORDER "EVENTS" for our Subscription Orders, Individual Plants, Plant Packs + Limited quantity specialty items. MOST OF OUR PLANTS WILL COME WITH A NURSERY STARTER POT, but you can opt for bare roots or a POTTED option coming this Spring.

Please note: Potting will be necessary when you get your plants. But there is no rush. Most plants can survive about a month or 2 in the nursery pot (sometimes longer-but use your best judgment) Stay tuned for our Official Plant Boss program coming this spring. and don't forget you can always purchase one of our awesome pots by one of our specialty vendors/brands.



(and processing time)

Regular sale events run from the 1st-20th of every month.

This allows us to properly organize and manage order pickups and deliveries in the face of finding new ways to do business while we all learn to rearrange our lives due to Covid-19. All orders placed within the Order Event window can be expected to be ready for pick up or shipped the week following the event. 

Subscription orders will need to be placed by the 20th in order to receive them for that month.

  • There is a twilight window from the 21st-30/31st for Subscription orders where you can still start your subscription-but please note, your order will be grouped into the next month's round of new & existing subscriptions.

  • At this time, all online orders and subscriptions will be set for IN-STORE PICK UP (until Spring)

  • All pick-up orders placed during the Twilight window will be grouped in the next month's pickup event and haul. 

  • Specialty/Custom Boutique items from our brand partners can be expected to ship with 5-7 business days of your order (any case by case or custom order communication will take place via email by the vendor if needed)

Please keep in mind, that as we expand & increase our operation, shipping will become available.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to grow.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a Brick & Mortar Location?

UPDATE!!! YES!! We are now open in Polaris Fashion Place! Please visit us on the lower level at 1500 Polaris Parkway (inside of the mall) Columbus, Ohio 43240

What is a "Sale Event" & Why do you use a countdown timer?

A sale event is the shopping model that we use where we start a sale on a certain date and end it on a specified date to allow customers to place orders within that window. Because we are not brick and mortar, it allows us to manage product and orchestrate shipments and pickups with more predictablility and ease. The countdown time is used to help customers remember that subscription orders must be placed (for new accounts) by a the cutoff date and time to be included in the next scheduled shipment of subscriptions.

Do you offer shipping?

At thist time, we are offering local pick up for orders placed by customers in the Columbus, Oh market/area. This includes surrounding areas and subdivisions. We do offer shipping at a flat rate of $14.95 Our marketplace items CAN be shipped nationwide and will be sent via USPS or UPS Concierge orders (large residential or business orders) will be delivered and require a special delivery fee.

Do you offer Refunds or Returns?

No. Due to the current world events (Covid 19) we are not able to take back product. And all sales are final. Before shipping or setting up for pick up, all plants & products are watered, groomer/pruned and checked for quality. If for any reason you have issue with your plant, please email us at DM us on FB or IG @stemsandstone with a photo of your plant and we will try to help support you via a virtual clinic to help bring your plant to good health. If for any reason, your plant does not survive after attempting to revive or prevent it from dying after 2-3 weeks, we will be happy to issue a store credit for another plant.

How do I cancel my order or subscription?

All boutique/marketplace orders placed within the sale window need to be canceled before the sale end date. Any orders left in play after the sale event ends will be processed and dshipped or scheduled for pick up. Initial subscriptions will automatically stop after the 3 month commitment and you will have the option to upgrade, downgrade, continue month to month or cancel. Requests to cancel orders must be made in writing via email by contacting or calling 877-766-2330

What is the 3 month commitment?

Our plant subscription is designed to support your self care journey and offer a hands free way to explore new house plants. We created the 3 month commitment to not olnly offer you the best pricing to your benefit but to also allow you the chance to explore the large variety & selection of plants and take your time with each of them one at a time. After your 3 month commitment, you can either upgrade, downgrade or go month to month. If for any reason you need to cancel your membership prior to the end of your commitment, you will still be billed for the duration of your subscription or whatever month is outstanding at the time of your cancellation.


First. Take a deep breath. It's okay. You missed the cut off, but you didn't miss out. Any orders placed after the 20th of each month (the current order cut off date) will be part of our "Twilight orders) and included in the following month's shipment. Keep in mind, that because we offer a subscription service, we bundle orders to get them all out at once or schedule pick ups.

How soon will I get my order?

Specialty Items, Accessories or marketplace items can vary in shipping time. You can expect non plant items to ship typically in 5-7 business days as many items come from other small businesses & boutiques. We do offer items that are dropshipped. You will know if they have a longer shipping time in the order description. PLANTS: All regular plant orders and subscriptions will follow the same order time line. Every month, you have until the 20th to place your order. Orders placed before the cutoff will be included in the following weeks shipment or pick up event. For example: If you place your order on July 18th--you can expect to be notified about your order for pick up or shipment no later than the 22nd so you can have time arrange your pick up the following week. Any regular plant orders (individual plants or plant packs) ordered after, the 20th (in the twilight window) CAN BE SHIPPED the week following the 30/31st. All pick up orders placed during the Twilight window will be grouped in the next month's pickup event and haul. *Please note: as we build our business, we will offer more frequent pick up dates for individual plants and specialty plant packs. We thank you for your patience as we GROW!!!