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Operation Retail

Stems & Stone is coming to Polaris Fashion Place this fall/winter for a very special Pop-Up store. We've made lots of progress to get here, but now we need your help.

In the face of uncertainty, trying times, an intense political climate, stress, anxiety and a whole pandemic-

I chose plants. I chose to mind my mental health & self-care practices and it has literally saved my life.


Since May of this year, Stems & Stone has been providing a plant subscription service and amazingly fresh tropical beauties to our local (and now nationwide) plant parent community. But it doesn't stop there. I witnessed first hand the benefits of collecting and maintaining house plants, so not only did I incorporate it into my day to day practices, I decided to share it with others as a business. 


Studies have shown that keeping houseplants can be used as a tool to support not only increasing the air quality (which we all need right now) but can support our mental and emotional health & well being. In fact, many psychiatrists prescribe houseplants to patients along with counseling and sometimes as an alternative to medication to support their patient's wellness & mental health journey.

I've recently been graced with the opportunity to set up shop in a full-size retail store at a major shopping mall in the company of major retailers and household names!


We have worked our way to this amazing place, now I am reaching out to my friends, customers, fellow plant parents, followers, and plant enthusiast for your support!


So what's the deal?: As a black-owned, woman business navigating through Covid and in the face of a rising temperatures from social & political topics, it has been and will continue to be a charge to support and connect with plant people nationwide who aspire to or presently collect houseplants whether it is to decorate your space or to reap their health benefits.  It is my mission to create a safe space, to offer high quality and affordable plants, products, and workshops that support the self-care journey for persons in communities across Central Ohio and nationwide who are affected most by the trying social and political times that we are experiencing.

The OPPORTUNITY: Stems & Stone has been presented with an amazing opportunity to set up shop in a high-end retail space.  We will be in the company of major retailers and national brands for the months of November & December in a full-size store.


During our time we will offer plants, locally crafted wares, and onsite small activities combining plants, music, and art. But it doesn't stop there. With your support, not only will we be able to show up and show out, for this pop-up series, your support and contributions will allow us to secure the needed funding to continue our journey with long term space moving into 2021!

The GOAL is to raise $7,500 in the next 30 days to support our current operation & to plant seeds for our permanent space. 


I am beyond excited to be able to create a retail space for my new & existing plant family.


With each contribution, you will assist Stems & Stone with securing:

  • Storefront Signage

  • Artwork & Decor

  • Growlights and Fixtures

  • Opening inventory

  • Marketing & Advertising


All Supporters will be listed on a special Recognition page and newsletters. 


Supporters who donate  $50 and over will receive a 4-6" plant baby in a hand-painted terracotta pot with recognition on all public platforms.


Supporters who donate $100 or more will be placed on the media page and recognized on all public platforms. Or be gifted a medium-sized (8" plant) with pot


Supporters who donate $250 or more will be received Ad space on the official website, logos will be listed on a special support page* or a large (10") plant with pot


Supporters who donate $500 or more will be listed on blog space, social media, and given a special mention on our official website. You will also receive a  6 & 8" uniquely painted pots & plants. You will also be invited to our Private Friends and Family event set for 10/31/20


Supporters who donate $1000 or more will receive all of the above mentions and placements on marketing materials. Plus an instant jungle (about 6-8 plants) with hand-painted pots. You will also be invited to our Private Friends and Family event set for 10/31/20

OR you can choose your own donation

amount starting at $10