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Vendors, we want to connect with you.


The S&S Local Vendor Project 

Stems & Stone is seeking to connect with growing & established brands that offer quality products & tools that support the wellness, beauty, and self-care culture. We are actively developing our Specialty Vendor Marketplace Program and we want to work with YOU!

OVerhead view of Polaris Fashion Mall courtesy of Washington Prime

Let's face it. With the current world events and unpredictablilty of the future of how we operate socially, there is no time like to present to secure our short and long term future as makers and creators. For many handmade/artisan businesses, festivals, bazaars, street markets and special events often provide a sizable amount of our monthly and annual revenue. Secure your income and reach beyond your local market by joining a growing marketplace and community of fellow makers who believe in the power of beauty, health and wellness. 

Our Location


We are excited to announce that Stems & Stone will be operating as a full-time retail store this fall at Polaris Fashion Place.

Because community and cooperative economics sit at the center of our core values, we are celebrating our opportunity and reaching out to other local brands to join us for our Local Vendor Program. By joining our Fall/Winter Lineup, your project will be featured in our soon to open mall boutique. Not sure if this would be a beneficial venture? Complete this short introductory form and we be happy to chat with you. 

Vendor Benefits

  • Join a community of makers and practitioners from your specific niche.

  • Get business building & development support.

  • Work with an up & coming premier brand 

  • Introduce your products/brand to a new market.

  • Private label and consignment options

  •  Grow your brand and gain recognition from being side by side with other reputable brands.

Bath Accessories

For the greater good.

We are building a community of self-care experts to support our communities world wide. It is our mission at Stems & Stone to educate, uplift, support & promote mental, emotional and physical well being. This includes creating an outlet for artisans and creators to flourish and thrive by creating adequate revenue and income to support themselves and their families.  We look forward to meeting you. -Be Well

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